Infomous Help and User Guide

What is Infomous?

Infomous is an exciting new way to navigate online documents using interactive text clouds. Infomous summarizes the content of one or more documents and displays the results as an interactive cloud of words of varying sizes and connections.

Each word on the screen is a topic that stands out because it is prominently discussed in the documents or news feeds you are reading. The size of each word reflects the frequency with which it appears in the source, while links between words show proximity in the source.

Infomous clouds are interactive. Click a word and you will see a pop-up list of links to the articles in which that word appears. Double-click a word to focus the content around it. Remove unwanted words by clicking the x next to it. Switch to full-screen mode or open the cloud as a pop-up. Embed clouds on your own site. This help file explains how you can use Infomous to navigate online information and to create your own clouds.

On this web site you can use Infomous to create, edit and share clouds from your favorite online feeds. While Infomous in principle can deal with any source of text, it is easiest to use with structured sources such as RSS and Atom feeds, which are commonly used by many online content providers. Infomous can also process Twitter feeds and some blog search results. Infomous can process a single feed with a few articles, or dozens of feeds with hundreds of articles each.

Use the links below to get more detailed information on using and creating Infomous clouds.

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