Monitor social media visually

Monitor social media visually

Infomous makes it easy to understand online conversations immediately and intuitively, identifying relevant topics in real time. Whether you use Infomous to explore conversations about your brand, to monitor your reputation, to track activities in your industry, or to make the most of your event, Infomous gives you insights that no other platform can offer.

For marketing and communications

Visualize conversations from social media, blogs, consumer reviews and other sources. Gain an immediate understanding of what is being said. Identify relevant conversation topics in real time - or scroll back in time to see how conversations unfolded. Create stunning, interactive clouds to share your findings. [See Demo]

For event planning and management

Follow social media during your event to identify problems or successes the moment they happen. Increase the quality of future events by identifying which sessions, speakers and topics generate the greatest buzz. Give your sponsors on-site and online visibility where attendees are highly engaged. [See Demo]

For reputation monitoring

Keep track of what is being said about you - whether in social media, blogs, or publications. Zoom into specific times and locations to pinpoint topics of conversation. Identify the most vocal sources. Curate and share your own "reputation cloud" with fans or followers to help you manage your online reputation.[See Demo]

For corporate research and analysis

Combine information from internal and external sources. Track information about your company, your customers or your competitors. Use visual alerts and topic mapping to spot important trends. Share your work with your colleagues or display it for your visitors and for the media.[See Demo]



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